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What our students think about Ask a Mexican?

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          Lisa. What do you like about your teacher? She is very encouraging!! But also patient with me. :) I'm very happy we are learning in different ways, with the typing what I hear, the lessons of looking at the pictures and describing what is happening. Its really fun!!I like my lessons! I like all of the different things that are happening in the lessons. keeps it interesting and practical.

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          Richard A. I really like Rodolfo.  He is always on time and easy to speak with and understand.  I especially like that Rodo is from Baja Mexico and speaks with a Mexican accent.  This is something I need to learn to understand and use in my speech.  He has an excellent command of languages and is very approachable. He is also willing to converse about any subject which gives me practice in the topics I am interested in.

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           Chris D. She is very friendly and easy to talk to. She is very patient and explains everything really well. I love the audio files. Learning to listen has been hard for me. Everything is great. Very professional! Keep it up.

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Michael H. I´ve been taking zoom course for last 2 months with Ask a Mexican. My instructor has been great, course materials are posted and they have linked a few other valuable resources. I highly recommend!!!

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