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Intensive Online Course 20 Private Lessons & Full Recorded Program

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IMPORTANT: Before booking please check our available times by sending us an email. Dive into the vibrant world of Mexican Spanish with our Intensive Online Course FOR ALL LEVELS! Embark on this linguistic journey with us and emerge not just fluent in Spanish, but with a deep understanding of the Mexican way of life. WHO IS IT FOR? This program is aimed at people with an beginner to intermediate level of Spanish. -WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? Everyday phrases, vocabulary, slang, Mexican culture and traditions. ​-WHEN DOES IT START? The adventure begins on July 1st. Choose between convenient morning and evening time slots to fit seamlessly into your schedule. -HOW MANY CLASSES ARE INCLUDED AND HOW LONG DOES EACH CLASS LAST? The duration is 1 hour and it is planned to be a total of 20 classes. -WHAT ARE THE DAYS WHEN WE WILL DO THE LESSONS? Mondays to Fridays. -THE PRICE is 7200 pesos. You'll receive exclusive access to our recorded proThe course includes 20 online and private lessons and 16 recorded lessons, each class has several steps where you will find games, grammar, reading comprehension, quizzes, audios and more, making a total of 173 steps. Because the lessons are private we can focus on what you need, so this course is for all levels. The audio recorded online course you will have access to has the following topics and it is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SAFARI : Lesson 1. Letter Sounds Lesson 2. Basic conversation, numbers, colors, vocabulary and personal pronouns. Lesson 3. Nouns Lesson 4. Demonstratives Adjectives. Lesson 5. Present Tense Conjugation Lesson 6. Hispanic Calendar lesson 7. Past Conjugation Lesson 8. Interrogative Words Lesson 9. Future Conjugation Lesson 10. The Time Lesson 11. Food Lesson 12. Verb To Be Lesson 13. Comparatives and Superlatives Lesson 14. Verb To Like Lesson 15. Present Progressive Lesson 16. Verb To go IF YOUR LEVEL IS MORE ADVANCED, don't worry, we also have slide material for you, in addition to using various external resources.

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