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Full Recorded Program for Beginners

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Welcome to your first step to learn Spanish, our courses are focused on learning the real Spanish spoken in Mexico, besides that we share with you our culture and traditions with our readings and slang so that you have a better understanding not only of the language but also of its people, and this way it will be easier for you to achieve a full conversation with any native person in Mexico. The course includes 16 classes, each class has several steps where you will find games, grammar, reading comprehension, quizzes, audios and more, making a total of 173 steps. This program is ideal for people who want to learn from anywhere and at their own pace, also, in case you do not understand something, you can book a private one hour class with one of our teachers so they can clarify your doubts and you can continue with your program. This program is for beginners and you will learn: NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SAFARI******* Lesson 1. Letter Sounds Lesson 2. Basic conversation, numbers, colors, vocabulary and personal pronouns. Lesson 3. Nouns Lesson 4. Demonstratives Adjectives. Lesson 5. Present Tense Conjugation Lesson 6. Hispanic Calendar lesson 7. Past Conjugation Lesson 8. Interrogative Words Lesson 9. Future Conjugation Lesson 10. The Time Lesson 11. Food Lesson 12. Verb To Be Lesson 13. Comparatives and Superlatives Lesson 14. Verb To Like Lesson 15. Present Progressive Lesson 16. Verb To go

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