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It is true that all Mexicans like Banda music?

In my FB group somebody ask me... What kind of music you like? I like Ozy, Depeche mode, pink Floyd, dead can dance, bjork, daft punk, and oldies 60s 70s and some more. So, you dont like Mexican music? Like despacito? 1 that is not mexican I don like reguetton or banda. So, people think because you are a mexican you like that or banda but, no, is a lot of mexican people with different taste of music....

Comments on FB about the post:

-I’m interested in listening to Mexican rock music. Can you recommend a band that sings in Spanish? I like the same music as you do but want to hear what Classic Rock was like in Mexico during the 60s,70s. Name a band or two please? Answer: This is a link about Mexican rock music of the 70s, you will find a lot of good ones there, some other no so good, but you can check it out

-Cmon now wbo doesnt love despacito. Answer :)

-Every Mexican loves El Sonidito and La Chona. No pueden negarlo! Answer: hahahaha, not really , but I like your comment

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