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Life is too short to fight on Facebook.

There is no turning back, people from everywhere move to other places and we have a chance, a chance to complain and fight or a chance to be humble and learn new things, a chance to meet new people, a chance to learn what we know is right and wrong, a chance not to impose our customs but to be humble and learn new things. Are you going to continue to follow the masses and choose to separate us? do you choose to see our differences as a weapon? or do you choose to see them as a learning opportunity? In spite of our differences, something I have learned from traveling is that if you are humble, your life will be happier, listen to people, respect their ideas even if you don't agree... let's be honest, it is impossible for all of us to agree, why not learn new things instead of fighting to impose ours? Don't blame your government, don't blame society, it's all on you. You may die today, and you know it.... the question is... how would you like to be, live and enjoy the last day of your life?

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