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January 2024

In January, New Year, New Bootcamp in La Paz!

-Who is it for?
This program is aimed at people with an Intermediate-Advanced level of Spanish, that is, people who have already mastered some vocabulary and basic conversations.

-What is it about?
It is about learning Spanish in an interactive way in daily life, although we will have classes where grammar will be taught and doubts will be answered, there will be many others where the idea is not just a class, but will include activities of daily life in Mexico, and why not, learn a little of the folklore and culture of our country.

-What kind of activities will be done?
The classes will take place in different places in La Paz, from cafes, bars, markets to museums. The idea is that you practice what you already know and learn new things. For example, classes on how to prepare Guacamole, in itself is not a big science, but the idea is to include activities to make it more fun and to learn everyday vocabulary.

-What will you learn?
Everyday phrases, vocabulary, slang, Mexican culture and traditions, and several bad words.

-When does it start?
We will start on Monday, January 8th at 12:00 noon.

-How many classes are included and how long does each class/activity last?
The duration is 1 hour and a half and it is planned to be a total of 11 classes. Ok, ok, actually there are 12, but the last one will be to go to a bar to celebrate the end of the course and practice all the slang we learned.

-What are the days when we will do these classes?
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting on January 8th and ending on February 2nd (February 2nd is not counted as a class since it will be the closing day where we will have a mezcal tasting and celebrate the end of the course).

-What is included and what is the price?
The price is 9900 pesos, it includes physical didactic material, digital interactive material, 1 non-alcoholic drink per class, snacks, guacamole and salsa class and mezcal tasting.

-How is the payment and how far in advance do I need to book?
Payment is through PayPal and includes taxes, if you want a Mexican invoice we can also give it to you.  It is necessary to make the reservation as soon as possible since we will have a limited number of students in order to provide an excellent service and for everyone to enjoy and learn.

-Ok I'm ready! How do I save my spot?
You can do it directly on our website, or send me an email to give you a direct link to PayPal where you can make your payment.

With this course I hope to achieve a union and understanding between people, a learning of my language and traditions, and why not? also make friends during the experience and have a good time!

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