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La Cajeta de Celaya

Today, we will talk about Cajeta. Cajeta is a traditional Mexican sweet, made mainly with goat's milk. As we all know, it can be tasted in a great variety of combinations, such as Marías cookies, with coffee and even on its own with a spoon. Within its variety of flavors, we find the natural, burnt, wrapped, vanilla and many more. The history of cajeta goes back several centuries, and it was even part of the political history of our country. To better understand the history of this delicious dessert, which we are very fond of, we will see a little of its past and trajectory.

Cajeta was created in Celaya, Guanajuato, during the time of New Spain. It was originally known as "dulce de cajeta de Tejamanil", because it was sold in cylinders made of wood, called "cajetes", hence its name. Today, its production comes mostly from Guanajuato, Coahuila and Durango.

The cajeta of Celaya is their typical sweet, and is recognized worldwide as the best cajeta. They were the first to commercialize it, and they elaborate it in a traditional and artisanal way. Its elaboration includes goat's milk heated in a pot, cinnamon and sugar are added, letting it boil over medium heat. After a while, starch is added, and it is boiled for several minutes, maintaining the boiling, and stirring constantly, until the bottom of the pot is visible. Some factories continue burning the milk in copper pots, and others do it in stainless steel pots. Its elaboration is still the same, the modern difference is that now it is packaged in glass jars.

A common confusion is that cajeta is dulce de leche. The reality is that, while their preparation is similar, they have a very important distinction: cajeta is made from goat's milk, and dulce de leche from cow's milk.

Historically, it has a great importance in our country. Thanks to its long shelf life and high caloric content, it was used by the army during the revolution, and helped them survive long enough to achieve their victory. This is why in 2010, it was named "The Mexican Bicentennial Dessert".

Cajeta is a national symbol, a Mexican gastronomic pride. The 5 main cajeta factories in Celaya Guanajuato are: La Especial, La Reyna, La Delicia, La Vencedora and La Tradicional.

The municipality of Celaya consolidates its position as the king of cajeta around the world, since this Sunday, October 1, the Guinness Record for the largest cajeta was made official.

18 brands got down to work, and as part of the Celaya Cajeta Festival, producers made preparations for several days to break this record, because according to the stipulations, they would only have one day to complete this task, and the municipality would get this recognition.

After this, the municipality gave away cajeta, to all the people who wanted it, you just had to bring your container, and take all the cajeta you wanted. And you, have you tried the Cajeta de Celaya Guanajuato?

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